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    You've arrived! Welcome to the home of Arabic!

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    Study with students from all over the world!

    in small, dynamic classes

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    A Priceless key into authentic Arab life!

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    Study abroad with authentic Fus'ha

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Why Study Arabic at Noor Majan Training Institute?


Enriched Learning Community

Immerse yourself in an Arabic speaking environment!

Students from all over the world and from diverse cultures come together to form an Arabic learning community. Our home is also in the heart of a century old Souq, where you can experience authentic Omani culture. This environment twinned with our access to the private local community is what sets us apart from other 'globalised' language institutes and cities.

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Experienced teachers

A rarity in MENA; you're able to discuss sensitive politics to financial trends!

All of our qualified teachers have extensive experience & are rigorously vetted before joining our faculty. We aim to provide you with a unique classroom atmosphere enabling your language to flourish. Very few institutes actually deliver small class sizes, but here at Noor Majan Training Insitute it's part of our philosophy; so we completely limit the classes to an absolute maximum of 8, although in reality you'll be hard stretched to find a class with more than 5 students.

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Lowest Living Costs in the region!

All inclusive carefree package? Lowest costs in the Gulf!

You're offered one of the lowest prices for an all inclusive carefree package in the Gulf region; simply because of our local ties. More importantly, this extends to your living cost in Ibri, Oman! In fact, your living costs are almost 40% cheaper in comparison to Muscat (www.livingcostoman.com) Our current price for one month is 950 Omani riyal decreasing by additional months.

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Oman in the New York Times

Listed in the top 20 places to visit in 2015; come see why!

Oman has grown in popularity and this once unknown Arabian gem, with its unrivalled natural beauty, is fast being recognised as the go to place in the Middle East! Hence why so many are rushing here to explore; come learn Arabic whilst enjoying the Arabic beauty !

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Course1 month2 months3+ Months
What's included?
omr 950 per month
omr 850 per month
omr 800 per month
Duration / contact hours4 weeks / 100 contact hours (not inc language partners)8 weeks / 200 contact hours (not inc language partners)12+ weeks / 300+ contact hours (not inc language partners)
AccommodationApartment share (with other language students)Apartment share (with other language students)Apartment share (with other language students)
Academic credits*4 credits (dependant on university or college)8 credits (dependant on university or college)12 credits (dependant on university or college)
Traditional Omani foodLight refreshments & Lunch on weekdaysLight refreshments & Lunch on weekdaysLight refreshments & Lunch on weekdays
Omani Language partner
(2 hours per week in addition to contact hours)

(2 hours per week in addition to contact hours)

(2 hours per week in addition to contact hours)
Study Materials
Airport transfer

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Significant Reductions 

for Long Term Students


  • "You run more than just a school. I felt like I was part of a big

    family in Ibri... I hope to return to Oman sometime in the near

    future. You did a great job of making me fall in love with the

    country... I am very happy with my choice to study abroad here!"

    Charlie Creech, Grand Valley State University, Michigan, USA
  • Calm and peaceful setting to study Arabic … I cannot be grateful

    enough for how much Arabic I’ve learned this summer!... I love the

    language partner concept. I drastically improved my speaking

    skills over the two months. At our last meeting, I was reflecting

    with my partner on how on the first day I could barely put

    sentences together and kept saying “Kayfa naqool…?”

    Anonymous - USA
  • "Studying at Noor Majan was an experience that I will carry with

    me through the rest of my life. The amount of Arabic I absorbed

    throughout my stay was extremely beneficial, as being

    submerged in the language and culture made for a rewarding

    learning experience. The staff and teachers were phenomenal and

    it felt like we were a family. Everyone was willing to go the extra

    mile to help us and make sure we could get as much as possible

    out of the program. "

    Sofiya Asedrem, Northern Virginia Community College, USA
  • "I take this opportunity to warmly thank you for the tremendous

    job you accomplished. I can clearly see now how beneficial and

    positive my learning process has increased having stayed with

    your excellent school. And this is why I can’t recommend this

    school enough. "

    Jean-Armand Figeac, The School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London
  • "A great school that I cannot but recommend! Thank you for all

    your help!"

    Johanna von Glasenapp, University of Freiburg, Germany


  • Sultan Al Farsi - Principal

    Sultan is Noor Majan Training Institute’s principal He holds a Masters degree in Arabic and German as a foreign language from the University of Leipzig, Germany; this has provided him with a solid theoretical basis in contemporary didactics of foreign languages and initially exposed him to international language teaching. He's also currently pursuing a PhD in Teaching and Testing AFL in Leipzig, Germany. Sultan has extensive managerial experience in Arabic language development, he has held directorial positions at internationally recognised institutes and has now brought his wealth of expertise to Noor Majan Training Institute.

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  • Samira Selle - Student Affairs & Marketing Director

    Samira is our Student affairs and Marketing Director; she holds a Masters in Middle Eastern Studies, Political Science and French Civilization. She is also researching for her PhD in Germany in the field of Middle Eastern and Women Studies. She has worked for World Learning Oman Center in program development and administration as well as marketing. Samira is a German citizen with Yemeni origins, she has made Oman her home and is well versed in the Omani language and culture. She speaks several languages including Arabic, English, French and German alongside her international background and experience in working with international students she is well equipped to mediate between students from abroad and the sometimes enigmatic Omani ways of life.

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  • Hussein Al-Farsi - Director of Arabic Programs

    Hussein is Noor Majan Training Institute’s Director of Arabic Programs; he holds a Master’s degree in Teaching Arabic and is currently pursuing his PhD on the implementation and usage of classical Arabic poetry in the AFL classroom. He has been with the Omani Ministry of Education for over ten years, first as an Arabic teacher and then as an inspector of all Arabic teachers in the district; he is now consulted by the government on their Arabic faculties.

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